So many guys like Dustin turn to the biggest guy in the gym for their advice or worse a chemically enhanced time bomb gracing the pages of the latest Magazine. What Dustin and many others don’t know is the cruel and never ending spiral of drug abuse that a “one-time-only” first cycle can trigger.

Believe me the average dude in the gym who is slamming the latest chemical going around town is not going to tell you how to rebuild your kidneys, your liver, or heart after they fail because you decided gaining an extra 20 pounds of muscle with some “barnyard, home brewed, chemical concoction” loaded with impurities, animal hormones, bacteria and a host of chemicals that would make a “biochemical weapons chemist” nervous was worth risking your health.

After being in and around the bodybuilding industry for the last 20 years I can honestly say that I am stunned and horrified by the unnecessary risks bodybuilders around the world are taking daily in the quest for a bigger biceps. One of the biggest problems in bodybuilding is how many bodybuilders are getting horrific advice from “Pill Pushing Plate-Heads” passing themselves of as medical professionals, expert trainers, and my personal favorite… “Masochistic Philosophers”.

Death-X-Pert Number 1

Recently I flipped through all of the main muscle magazines and I reflected on the deaths, illnesses, and sufferings of the industries leading “Death-X-Perts”. It all started with guys like Dan Duchaine, “a.k.a. The Steroid Guru”, who was and still is one of the most famous “Death-X-Perts” ever but the persona was in fact a complete fake as Dan in reality was a 6″6 175lb skin and bones chemical nightmare gone wrong.

I first met Dan Duchaine in 1999 at popular SARM RAD 140 Testolone the Arnold Classic and I was shocked and horrified that anybody would listen to this guy after seeing him in the flesh. It became clear to me Dan was a media sensation not a real expert, which got me thinking. How many Fake Gurus are really out there in the Bodybuilding Industry?

It didn’t take me long to find out the pill pushing propaganda program had been going on for some time and was showing no signs of letting up.

Death-X-Pert Number 2

Dan was actually spawned from one of the original “pro massive dosage of chemical regime” that first reared its ugly head with the Dynamic Duo of Mike Mentzer and his marketing mentor Arthur Jones. Arthur Jones was an eccentric billionaire who used a marketing concept he called “Heavy Duty – now called HIT”. Arthur Jones was not only rich but he was an exceptionally smart marketer and a fine writer.

Arthur Jones then wrote a series of convincing Pseudo-science training articles, which were printed in major muscle magazines. Arthur then viciously attacked anyone who opposed his outlandish principles using a mix of truth and falsehoods complete with philosophy from Friedrick Nietzsche and Ann Ryand.

He then selected genetically advanced individuals like Mike Mentzer who were all too willing to become brain washed stooges for Jones, by espousing Jones new training philosophy and ingesting a boat load of chemicals in order to successfully promote Jones’s fitness line called Nautilus Equipment.

The whole scheme worked and Arthur Jones made millions. Nautilus was a smashing success, and a few years later Mike and his brother Ray’s careers were over after Arnold Schwarzenegger defeated Mike in a controversial decision at the 1980 Mr. Olympia.

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